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Plan your trip

It’s easy! There’s no need to stress if you follow these steps. Three Easy Steps to Book your Trip to Watermill Fishing Lodge..

Step 1.

  •  Check the date of your passport or ID.
  •  Call us at 00442867724369 (Ireland)
    • 00447731969627 Pascal Mobile (Ireland)
  • Email us at

Step 2.

Be careful for the luggage limit, keep in mind we rent fishing gear.

Step 3.

What to Pack?

Essential items for a dream getaway.
Please take your time to carefully pack your items to ensure you get the most out of your experience at Watermill Fishing Lodge. We’re here to help for any queries, get in contact with us.
To ensure your comfort we suggest you wear a layers of clothing as the weather in Ireland can change very, very fast. It’s not uncommon to see the four seasons in one day. Cotton undershirts with long sleeves and under thermals will keep you warm, as well as a good quality waterproof coat to keep you dry. We also have extra rain jackets in case you forgot your own.
Fishing Gear
You are very welcome to bring you favourite fishing equipment, however be very careful with what you can bring on the plane. Over carrying the weight limit can be very expensive and some items may be deemed too dangerous to bring on board. Keep in mind that we have fishing gear for rent except for lures and trace. A lot of fishermen bring far too many lures, we advise your 25 favourites. We are also very happy to advise you before the departure of the best moment lure, or what equipment to loan.
Personal Items
Consider your camera essential to capture the memories of beautiful scenery, exciting wildlife, and of course the biggest trophy fish you can catch! Don’t forget to check again for any medicines you may require to bring and any toiletries you may want.
  • Double check the validity of your Passport or chosen ID, and make sure it stays valid when you want to return!
  • Method of payment.
    • Cash
    • Credit Card
  • Even if we are in Ireland, bring your sun cream and sunglasses!

Weather in Ireland

“In Ireland the sun shine is in people’s hearts.” – Pascal
Watermill Fishing Lodge is always protected by our microclimate! No matter how cold it is outside, it’s always warm and friendly inside.
Ireland is very well known for its temperamental weather, temperature can drop 20C and wind can become gale force in a matter of minutes. So always be prepared for the worst, even if the sun is glowing when you start your fishing.

All prices in Euros :: Call us on +44(0)28 6772 4369
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Great fishing holidays in Ireland

Situated on the shore of the world famous Lough Erne in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, the Watermill Fishing Lodge offers great fishing for Pike, Perch, Trout, Roach and Bream. So if it is a good quality fishing holiday in Ireland then get in touch with us.

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