Pike Fishing in Ireland

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Pike Fishing

The King of Lough Erne; Pike, Essox Lucius Lough Erne is famous for its monster pike. The pike is an aggressive predator which can be found in masses in low-lying rushes bed through the spring season. When the water gets cold in autumn the pike retreat to deeper parts of the lough and feed on bigger prey.

The largest pike in the world grows to an amazing 1.5m and 30kg of weight, the dream of every fisherman. I believe lurking in Lough Erne may be a fish of this size.

Fishing Advice

We suggest a medium or heavy rod, spinning or casting up to 80g/150g. No longer than 2.5m, use braid line, with at least 20lb test. Avoid if possible fluocabon and use a metallic trace.

Use a big lure, minimum of 13cm, the popular lure that we use.

1. Westin "mike the pike" ,"platypus","Teez"
2. Savage Gear "line thru trout","roach shine gilder","4 play","51 & 77 TPE soft vibe lure"
3. Strike Pro "Bandit Tali","Gill Raker","Pro Flap Jack","Salmonoid Minnow"
4. Salmo "Slider","Fatty","Jack"
5. Best lure in the world "Lucky Lure" Hand Made

For bait fishing use a 3lb rod up to 3.5m, use braid line with 30lb test, 30-50g float, and metallic trace with a 30lb test.

The best reel to use will be a bait runner.

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Situated on the shore of the world famous Lough Erne in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, the Watermill Fishing Lodge offers great fishing for Pike, Perch, Trout, Roach and Bream. So if it is a good quality fishing holiday in Ireland then get in touch with us.

2015 Big Pike Fishing Ireland by Watermill Fishing Lodge
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